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Emilie Autumn A Bit o' This & That
Perviously was emilieautumnabitothisandthat.
Daily Emilie Autumn Pictures, Gifs, The bloody Crumpets And So Much More! I will credit or take off photos by request. All photos are copy righted to their owners.


Plague rats and inmates of The Asylum.

There will be bunches of photos (spam of photos) just for the time being because I am going away for a few days with family. I will be on very little for the next two days and will most likely to be not here until Monday or Tuesday of next week. As most of you know I am using my phone and it’s rather hard to queue from and I still wanted you all to have more photos even if it’s all bunched up together.

Thank you all for being so patient and understanding as most of you are used to my old queues and I’m sorry my blog hasn’t been as active for so many months it feels like years.

Stay strong plague rats, keep your claws out, for you may need them.